14 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

14 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Okay, well Valentine’s Day is almost here again. So what Valentine’s gift are you going to get your special Valentine? This may become more of a headache to some, than a day to look forward to. You want to impress your Valentine, but don’t have any ideas on where to even begin. Well look no further. I may be able to give you a few ideas that will surely help you along your way. It will make this upcoming Valentine’s Day one you both will enjoy, without going crazy on your search for the perfect Valentine’s gift.


First, keep in mind what you plan to spend on the gift. Depending on your budget and how simple or extravagant you intend on making the gift for your Valentine, there are just so many kinds of gifts out there worth considering. My favorites are personalized gifts, because they are more intimate. Also, think about how or if you want to present it with another gift or during a planned or surprised date together. This should be a time you are able to show and express to your Valentine just how much you appreciate and love them. So enjoy this part of it, and have fun. Don’t worry if you are on a budget either. Simple Valentine’s gifts to, can sometimes be the most touching and romantic of them all.


Below I will share some fun and interesting Valentine’s gifts and ideas to present on this romantic occasion. Some are Valentine’s gifts you may already be familiar with, and also there are gifts that are new to even me. I will start with my favorite, “personalized gifts”, so be sure to check it out. I’m personally planning to use the first one myself.


1 Personalized Gifts– These make wonderful Valentine’s gifts. They not only show your loved ones you thought of them and cared, but it shows you took time to create a gift specifically for them. This goes a long way, when attempting to touch your loved one’s heart.


2 Cards– These can be store bought, home made, or even an e-card, with a true heartfelt message and/or a poem incorporated within. No better gift, than to be able to really put those inner love thoughts to words.


3 Flowers– This beautiful aromatic gift can be given to your Valentine as is, placed in a decorative vase, or even just arranged in a creative manner.


4 Chocolates– Whether ones they love, or a random selection of gourmet chocolates, these are always pleasing to the heart. Also, you may want to present these to your Valentine in a heart shaped box.


5 Gift Baskets– These are great Valentine’s gifts because, they have such a variety to choose from. There are chocolate gift baskets, fruit gift baskets, cookie gift baskets, spa gift baskets, gourmet gift baskets, and the list goes on. So, do your research on what suites your Valentine.


6 Picture Slide show – This is a fantastic gift to give to your Valentine. What better way to reminisce together, than to have your personal pictures turned into DVD quality videos, creating a personalized movie experience. This will surely be a touching Valeintine’s gift to be remembered for all time.

7 Jewelry– These precious gifts are guaranteed to put a sparkle in your loved one’s eye. You can choose to surprise your Valentine with this gift, whether it includes special gems or stones, personalized engravings, heart shaped pendants, or a special style of jewelry you know your valentine is fond of.


8 Balloon Bouquet– These heart shaped, helium filled balloons, with an assortment of messages printed on them, are sure to be a very uplifting gift on Valentine’s Day. You can also choose in a variety of colors, print and shapes.


9 Romantic Dinner– This gift gives you the ability to really use your creativity. You can surprise your Valentine with this gift either by a more secluded and sensual candle light dinner at home, just the two of you, or a romantic evening out at a restaurant he or she will definitely enjoy. If you decide to do it at home, you can decide whether you want to dine in or be a chef and make your loved one’s favorite dish. Use candles and soft music for an even more intimate dining experience. If you choose to go out, choose a place where your Valentine enjoys the food and creates a romantic atmosphere.


10 Spa Package– You can give this gift for a day of luxury, for a relaxing and peaceful spa visit. This can just be just as a Valentine’s gift to your sweetie, or a day to be pampered together with a couples package.


11 Dinner Cruise– Set sail for a scenic and romantic dinner cruise together. Enjoy live entertainment, while dining on gourmet food and enjoying the breathtaking views of the city skyline.


12 Helicopter Tour– Give this Valentine’s gift as a incredible lifetime experience you can both cherish together, as you ascend into this scenic journey and explore the spectacular views of the land or city of your choice.


13 Lingerie– This gift is great for a fun and memorable Valentine’s Day gift. Everyone loves lingerie, so surprise that special someone with this sexy gift. Also, to spark things up a little, you can join in and get a matching set.


14 Romantic Getaway– Take this time to express your love and take your Valentine away on a romantic getaway. Maybe to a place he or she has always wanted or dreamed to go to. Make this trip one to remember.


Valentine’s Day is a day you are able to show that special someone in your life, that you cherish and love so deeply, how much you really need and appreciate having him or her in your life. Remember though, that for a relationship to grow and remain strong, you need to share and reveal this love to your Valentine throughout the year, and not just on this one special day

By Alphonso Terry

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