GTA Diamond Casino inside betting working glitch bypass! September 16th 2019

GTA Diamond Casino inside betting working glitch bypass! September 16th 2019



So if you’re here reading this, then it means you’re aware of the exploit on the famous GTA V online game. Be Warned there has been TWO bans so far from two different posters on reddit, now we are not sure if these photos were photoshoped for whatever reason to either Troll or not wanting players be ‘better’ than them or whatever moral it could be and R* will sure start to crack down on people exploiting it, but so far no news about a ban wave or wipe.


Now let’s get straight to it. So we all know about going in a solo session, this works almost the same way, just slightly different.


1. Search reddit for a program called Pony v5 and follow the instructions (I personally prefer using the script AHK method than using exes).


2. Run GTAV online public lobby, get inside the casino.


3. Set your window to 1920×1080 borderless.


4. Get to the inside track betting screen.


5. Run the program (my settings are 320 races, pony 1 & 2, mouse speed 1, click delay 180)


Now here is the IMPORTANT part! After 30 minutes you will get kicked to story mode, don’t worry! Join again this time to INVITE only session, go back to the casino and start betting again with the settings above. Now you will get kicked again after 30 minutes, now This time connect as ‘SOLO mode’ and go back into the casino and leave your pc running, but try to avoid going past 6 hours to prevent a softban. That’s it!


NOTE: Don’t forget to launder the money by buying cars that you can sell later such as deluxo or war vehicles, they have more value specially if you can purchase them in ‘trade price’. I usually just empty my whole account and bank to $0 and start making legit money from there.


I hope it works for most of you, for me it works as of now. I stopped glitching a month ago but until now I wanted to give it a shot with some different workarounds and so far I’ve glitched around 15mil and counting. Previously around 65mil.


Be safe and don’t over do it, know when to stop! Thanks for reading, I’ll keep you updated!

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  • 420jake
    September 17, 2019

    I’m getting to 1.7m every hour and past the 30min mark! Thank you so much! 😀

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