GTA V Diamond Casino Glitch IMPROVED! Working 29/09/2019!

Hey folks! So this is another quick update from the previous post!


New GTA V Diamond Casino Glitch IMPROVED!


While experimenting over the past week on different options and settings, I have finally found a way to use the Casino Glitch just like the first time it was found and what I mean is… GLITCH UNLIMITED HOURS AND MAKE MILLIONS! That’s right!


So lets get to it, forget about the previous post and here are the new settings and steps!:


1. Search reddit or google for Pony v5 and download either the exe or AutoHotkey version. (I personally use the AutoHotkey version).


2. Open GTA V Online (Obviously) and join an Invite Only Session


3. Open Pony V5 and Configure the settings to these:

– Mouse speed 1

– Click delay 400

– Race (whatever you want, i use 1000)

– Bet 3000

– Pony 1 & 2


4. Head to the Casino (if you have a casino penthouse set the spawn point there)


5. Get to the inside track


6. Open up the betting screen


IMPORTANT!: This is where the magic happens! Before you hit start on Pony V5, place a bet on the left screen with the timer First! I personally always bet 10,000 chips on the 6th horse but you can experiment. Now after that head back to the betting selection and start Pony V5!

Now note that sometimes you may get an error that says something like “Couldn’t connect to the R* servers, don’t panic. This is GOOD! Just keep glitching as much as you can and when you feel like you need to change servers or refresh the game, just bring up the R* menu by pressing your hotkey usually keypad 7 and it will say “SAVED SUCCESSFULLY!”.


That’s it! Many users are reporting of only making 800k – 1.3m on reddit, but with my method you can be looking at 20million a day!


That’s it! Don’t over do it and know when to stop, have fun! 😉


Comment down below if this has worked for you also!


  • Jamieb506
    September 30, 2019

    Can confirm this is working im at 15mil left my computer on over night since and no disconnects THANK YOU!

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