GTA V Online – How to always beat the ‘Near Misses’ Challenge!

How to always beat the ‘Near Misses’ Challenge on GTA V

There are frequent events on the GTA Online servers and most of these events can be won at ease, if you have the right tools of course…But some can be done with whatever you have, however in the long run you’ll realize that you’re just wasting too much time! So here’s a quick tip on how to win the Near Misses Challenge.


This event asks you to perform near misses in a Land vehicle without crashing. Now don’t be confused that this is not the Near Misses with another player! However it works the same.



Deluxo or MK2 Oppressor


That’s all you need! Now head on to a straight road, preferably a motorway. Now fly towards in the incoming traffic back but stay above 8-10ft max and you’ll know you did well when you hear the counter beep or you hear a WHOOSHING sound right below you. This can be a little hard on an Oppressor as it will keep wanting to duck down, but easier in a Deloxo for those not wanting to crash.


Hope this helped anyone out there, thanks for reading!

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