TimeTravelo.com Best booking platform and why?

Find out why below  TimeTravelo.com is the best flight finder of 2020

1. Prices


As of 2020, TimeTravelo has broken records in terms of pricing compared to its competitors. Like kayak and sky scanner, TimeTravelo is a similar system but not in pricing. The platform is free to use and gives everyone free access to finding the cheapest flights, hotels and even car rental.

As a free platform, the agency does not take your money, rather it searches for thousands of other websites for prices and then takes you to the actual source for your booking.


2. Usability


Back in late 2018 the agency introduced a brand new interactive map, that’s right…A map you can drag around and find prices for Flights and Hotels without having to use the search function and endless hours of searching!


Although the interactive map is fun to use, 90% of users still prefer to enter the dates manually into the search function.


Searching is fairly simple, unlike most flight finders, this one automatically detects your location and enters it into the system! All you need to do is enter your destination, date and amount of travelers then let the magic begin. The platform will then make a comparison to hundreds and thousands of other booking websites and display their own prices as well at the very top.


3. How does it work?


Fairly simple, once a user hits the search button the platform automatically connects to thousands of databases like expedia and others then displays the best deals. Once a user is satisfied, the user gets taken to the source and makes a booking directly either by phone or online.


Looking to save some money on hotels, flights and car rental? Head over to www.timetravelo.com

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