Vote Danielle Selvon Elections 2019 Mauritius Reform Party

The time has come folks! It’s the Elections again in Mauritius Island for 2019!

Vote for Danielle Selvon


As a blog we don’t usually cover these things but have been taking a close look into these political events in the Island of Mauritius lately and things don’t look great…


Year after year since the Independence day of 1968, the population has been voting all round the same parties over and over with BIG promises and no changes according to sources…MSM, PTr, PMSD, MMM and no new parties has ever since emerged due to the population being drowned by these other big political parties and lied to.


Will there be a change this year or will it be these old traditional parties again?


The votes are in the citizens of Mauritius hands and only THEY can make a change if they’re really wanting it.


What party to vote?


There are numerous little parties forming around the country, however the one that caught our eyes is the Reform Party by the leader Roshi Bhadain and the strong candidate that has been making the news for the past 5 years Danielle Selvon. A truly inspiring woman with a very strong background which should definitely run for President or even Prime Minister, but time will tell.


Conclusion: Want a change? Vote for Danielle Selvon Reform Party.


Vote Danielle Selvon

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